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February 2016

14-CF-145 Felony VOP Judge Brodie Collier County

Client violated probation by leaving the state. Probation officer discovered client to be in North Carolina and client admitted. After being retained, I turned down the state’s offer of significant jail time and set the case for a hearing. On the day of the hearing, client was cleared of his violation and I got him off probation completely; no jail. He just went home. 2/17/16

15-CT-503871 DUI Judge Hayward Lee County

Client was stopped for speeding at 11 pm. Officer stated there was an odor of alcohol, and client admitted to drinking alcohol. Client performed field sobriety tests and was arrested for DUI. The entire scene was captured on video. Client also admitted to drug use. Client provided both a breath sample and a urine sample. After reviewing the evidence and video, I believed my client to be not guilty and advised her to go to trial. On the day of the trial, the state dropped all charges!

15-CT-503264 DUI Crash Judge Paluck Lee County

Client was involved in a two vehicle crash on 41 and MLK. When officer met with my client, he detected a strong odor of alcohol, and client seemed unsteady on his feet. Police began a DUI investigation. Client refused to perform field sobriety tests and was arrested for DUI. Client also refused a breath test. On 2/24/16, the state reduced the charge to reckless driving, and client was not even convicted of that lesser charge!

15-MM-24963 Domestic Violence Judge Gagliardi Lee County

Client was arrested for DV battery. Victim told the police she was grabbed by her arms and hit in her head. After I was retained and challenged the evidence, the state dropped all charges! 2/9/16

15-CT-2622 DWLS Judge Adams Lee County

Client hired me for his arrest for driving on a suspended license. The state offered jail time and I set case for trial. On the day of the trial, the state dropped case, and all charges were dismissed! 2/16/16

10-CF-14802 VOP Judge Kyle Lee County

Felony violation of probation (VOP): Client was on probation and violated by committing new law violations and had a mandatory 60 months prison sentence. On 2/1/16, after negotiation with prosecutor, I got client 30 months with 15 months credit.

14-MM-924 VOP Judge Gagliardi Lee County

Client hired me after not getting any results from a public defender. Prior to hiring me, the state’s offer was 270 days’ jail time. I got client 150 days with all credit.

07-CF-105 VOP Judge Fuller Lee County

Client was on felony probation and hired me to modify her probation. Client was paying $300 a month in restitution. After a motion to modify, the amount was reduced just $60 a month.