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Aggressively Fighting Against Severe Consequences

The government has substantial resources to conduct surveillance, place operatives undercover and cultivate informants. When a raid is executed or indictments come down, those actions are backed by a mountain of evidence. At least, that’s what the prosecution wants you to think.

Where other attorneys might rush to cut a deal, criminal defense lawyer Steven Wetter wants to take a hard look at the evidence first. As a former drug trafficking prosecutor, he knows that the state’s seemingly solid case is a house of cards. The more people and agencies involved, the more complicated the case, the easier it is to take it down.

The Fort Myers law firm of Steven Wetter, provides a sophisticated defense for drug trafficking allegations. From purported ringleaders to street-level dealers and supporting players caught up in drug stings, we help clients aggressively fight the charges to avoid a felony conviction or minimize the prison term and other consequences.

We handle drug trafficking and drug transaction cases in Lee County and Charlotte County, Florida. Contact us, day or night, for the effective representation you need.

Invaluable Insights For Drug Crime Defense

Before private practice, attorney Steven H. Wetter served six years as an assistant state attorney in Tampa. He handled thousands of drug cases, including prosecutions of celebrities and high-profile figures. Mr. Wetter worked his way up to lead trial attorney for the RICO and drug trafficking division and oversaw the state’s wiretap operations.

As a criminal defense attorney, he employs those insights in defending those accused of serious felony drug charges such as:

  • Drug trafficking (marijuana and cocaine shipments)
  • Drug manufacturing or cultivation (marijuana grow houses)
  • Prescription drugs trafficking
  • Conspiracy, money laundering or obstruction of justice
  • Drug dealing and distribution
  • Possession or intent to sell

Steven Wetter also has extensive experience on both sides of the law with drug-related asset forfeiture. He has been successful in reversing civil forfeitures of homes, cars, boats, money and other property seized by authorities as illegal proceeds of drug trafficking.

Is The Prosecution’s Drug Trafficking Case Full Of Holes?

The devil is in the details. A closer look at the state’s case reveals all sorts of constitutional amendment issues and questionable foundation for criminal charges. In discovery or cross-examination, Mr. Wetter skillfully casts doubt on various aspects of the government’s case, including:

  • Spanish language “listeners” hired by the government to eavesdrop
  • Confidential informants whose own hands are dirty
  • Co-defendants turned state’s evidence who will say anything to save their own skins

He has been successful in suppressing prejudicial and tainted evidence obtained through informants, wiretaps, search warrants or other methods.

Knowledgeable Representation For Serious Crimes

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