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If You Learn How To Build It, You Know How To Take It Apart

Attorney Wetter spent the first six years of his legal career as a prosecutor in Tampa, where he prosecuted hundreds of jury trials. That experience taught him how the other side thinks and what they are looking for when building a case. That insider knowledge is a tremendous advantage to the clients we serve today on the defense side. At Steven Wetter, we know how the prosecution builds cases, so we know how to defend you against the charges you face. We have the confidence and the track record to help you find the best possible resolution for your situation.

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Protecting Your Future

Whether you are facing your first DUI, a drug or theft charge, a domestic violence allegation, or another charge, you have a lot at stake. A conviction could mean limited educational or job opportunities, or even challenges finding a place to live. Your reputation is on the line and so much more. We have more than 20 years of experience representing clients just like you. With that experience comes confidence. We are confident that we can provide the defense you need to minimize the consequences of your criminal charge.

The Difference A Former Prosecutor Makes

My client was on felony probation for felony battery. Client was ordered to successfully complete a required program. Client, however, was dismissed unsuccessfully from the program, triggering the VOP. Client scored 31 months prison. After being retained, I was able to have warrant dismissed and client did not go to prison 

– Steven H. Wetter

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We are forever grateful for the help he provided

– Shannon L

Beat Your Conviction DUI Edition

Beat Your Conviction DUI Edition written By Steven H. Wetter Attorney At Law, P.A.

What the police do not want you to know and secrets from a former DUI prosecutor

The officer took my drivers license. Can I still drive?

YES. The DUI citation is an unrestricted permit for 10 days.

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