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A closer look at domestic violence charges

Florida domestic violence charges are significant for everyone involved, which is why families affected by domestic violence should understand what it is and what the criminal and other legal consequences of domestic violence charges may be. Domestic violence includes more than physical violence and anyone affected by family violence should be familiar with what domestic violence includes.

Domestic violence refers to violence, specifically violent acts, one family or household member commits against another. Domestic violence can include physical harm inflicted by family members and can include child abuse. Domestic violence can refer to violence between parties, including married and unmarried partners, straight or gay partners and those that are dating or who are living together and cohabitating.

Important criminal defense protections against drug charges

Drug charges are serious criminal charges and those facing them can face serious potential penalties and consequences as a result. Drug possession charges can lead to an arrest record and even incarceration which is why accused individuals need to be familiar with the criminal defense protections available to them to help with the charges and possible consequences they are facing.

Possible drug charges accused individuals can face include marijuana possession charges which may be charged as misdemeanor marijuana possession or felony marijuana possession depending on the amount of marijuana the accused individual allegedly possessed; cocaine possession charges; other drug possession charges such as heroin, meth or other controlled substances charges; illegal prescription drug possession charges; prescription fraud; and possession with intent to sell charges.

Challenging field sobriety tests after a DUI stop

Drunk driving charges can impact an accused individual professionally and personally and can result in serious criminal penalties and other legal consequences. Many DUI charges may be based on initial field sobriety tests which is why it is essential to know how to challenge them when necessary.

There are several different ways to challenge field sobriety tests that individuals accused of a DUI should be familiar with. There are generally three different kinds of field sobriety tests including the horizontal gaze nystagmus test; the walk and turn test; and the one-leg stand test. Research has shown that even when performed properly, field sobriety tests are only 81 percent to 91 percent reliable at determining intoxication. Because of this, they may be challenged in court.

Certain behaviors that could lead to a drunk driving traffic stop

When you're driving home from dinner after having a nice evening with your friends and family, seeing the flashing lights of a police car in your rearview mirror can ruin your entire night. Facing DUI charges is a serious legal concern, and the penalties you are up against can change the course of life. It's in your interests to start thinking about ways you can defend yourself against these charges. 

Many people don't understand why they get pulled over for suspected drunk driving. While people under the influence of drugs or alcohol may think they are driving safely, they may often be displaying certain behaviors that could catch the attention of law enforcement. There are certain actions that may be grounds for Florida police to stop a driver and determine if sobriety tests are necessary.

Understanding what is considered domestic violence

Domestic violence can be a challenging issue for families impacted by it, communities and society as a whole. It can also be an issue of serious concern for individuals who have been accused of domestic violence who are facing domestic violence accusations, allegations and charges.

Domestic violence allegations can have a devastating impact on the personal and professional lives of accused individuals which is why they should be familiar with what domestic violence refers to and what is considered domestic violence. Domestic violence includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, economic abuse, psychological abuse, threats, stalking and cyberstalking. Physical abuse is the type of domestic violence most commonly associated with the term but domestic violence actually refers to many different types of abuse and all may lead to criminal charges.

What is a probation violation?

There are many concerns that those facing criminal charges may have on their minds including their criminal defense options and rights. It is important for anyone facing criminal charges to understand the criminal justice process and their rights throughout that process so they can protect those rights.

One aspect of navigating the criminal justice process may include probation. It is important for accused individuals to know what probation is and what a probation violation means for them. Probation can be violated when the terms and conditions of probation are violated. This can include not attending a scheduled court appearance; failing to report to a probation officer as required; failure to pay required fines of restitution; visiting certain people or places or traveling out of state without first obtaining permission of a probation officer; possessing, using or selling illegal drugs; and being arrested for another crime or committing another crime or offense.

Drug issues that Florida’s fraternities have had over the years

Now that the school year has begun for college students around the state, police are on the lookout for any illegal activities happening on or near dozens of campuses. They know that thousands of students often attend parties that celebrate something going on in the fall (whether it’d be a football game or homecoming), many of which involve some form of drug dealing.

Students that they will especially keep an eye on are members of one of the local college’s fraternities. Many Greek life organizations in Florida over the years have gotten a bad reputation due to the mistakes of individual chapters. Dozens of members over the years have been arrested for dealing or possessing illegal substances such as cocaine and marijuana. If you are thinking of one of your college’s fraternities or are already a member of one, you should learn from these mistakes to avoid ruining you and your chapter’s future opportunities at school.

Using an affirmative defense to defend against criminal charges

There are different criminal defense options available to help individuals facing criminal charges who have been accused of committing a crime. Though there are some general criminal defense strategies accused individuals should be familiar with, the best criminal defense option is unique to the situation and circumstances the accused individual is facing.

Accused individuals can benefit from a criminal defense strategy that can help mitigate the potential penalties and consequences they are facing as a result of serious criminal charges. One type of criminal defense is referred to as an affirmative defense. Affirmative defenses are justifications the accused individual may have for committing the alleged crime. Examples of affirmative defenses can include self- defense, defense of others, insanity, duress, entrapment and involuntary intoxication.

What is considered domestic violence?

Because domestic violence can have such significant consequences for anyone involved in it, it is helpful for anyone impacted by domestic violence to understand what is considered domestic violence and, if they are facing legal charges, what those charges mean. There are a variety of legal resources available to anyone impacted by domestic violence and those involved should understand what they are.

Those impacted by domestic violence need to make sure they have all of their questions answered about what is considered domestic violence and how they can protect themselves. Anyone charged with domestic violence should be familiar with what is considered domestic violence because they are potentially facing significant personal and other consequences as a result of a domestic violence charges.

Serious help with traffic violations

Traffic violations can be more serious than accused individuals sometimes think. They can lead to a variety of significant, and unpleasant, penalties and consequences for accused individuals which is why drivers facing traffic violations should be familiar with the resources available to help them.

Drivers facing traffic violations can face threats to their driving privileges such as license suspension or license revocation; increased insurance rates; and even jail time depending on the circumstances. It is important for drivers accused of committing a traffic violation to fully consider their options and the protections available to them before they pay a fine or admit to anything. It may be possible to have the violation reduced or dismissed.

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