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Should you pay your traffic ticket?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2023 | Traffic Violations |

Police officers pull over vehicles for several reasons, some more serious than others. If an officer issues you a traffic ticket, you may think the most convenient and obvious thing to do would be to pay the fine. However, all drivers should know that paying a ticket is equivalent to admitting guilt and they have the option of contesting the traffic violation.

Why you should consider fighting your traffic ticket in Florida

Deciding whether to fight a traffic ticket or pay it is not so straightforward. It would depend on the circumstances surrounding the violation. While fighting a traffic ticket may lead to more expensive penalties, paying it has significant long-term consequences. Here are the reasons you should consider fighting your ticket:

  • When you pay a traffic ticket, it appears as a conviction on your driving record
  • You accumulate points on your record each time you pay a traffic ticket
  • Too many points on your record can lead to license suspension or revocation
  • Your car insurance premium could increase
  • You could lose your job if your employer requires a clean driving record

If you decide to fight your ticket, you must appear in court, but so should the officer who ticketed you. If you get lucky, the officer may not show up at all, which will result in an automatic dismissal of the case. Although, it might not be so wise to rely on luck.

Fighting your traffic ticket

There are many possible reasons to contest your traffic ticket. You can question the validity of the traffic stop and the conduct of the officer. The officer may have also failed to calibrate the radar gun or made major errors on the ticket. If you believe the officer issued you the ticket unfairly or they made a mistake in the process, then you deserve a fair trial. To have a fair trial, you need to be ready to contest your ticket.