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Addressing Common Criminal Defense Concerns

From traffic tickets to serious felony crimes, the arrest and all the related proceedings raise many questions. Experienced criminal defense lawyer Steven Wetter personally handles your case, and he is accessible to his clients across Florida to answer all questions and concerns throughout the process.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation. We handle all criminal, DUI and traffic offenses in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and surrounding communities of Lee County and Charlotte County.

Frequently Asked Questions For You And Your Attorney To Explore

  • Will you be charged with the same crime that the police arrested you for?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your case?
  • Will a review of the reports and evidence reveal possible defenses or legal issues?
  • Can your case be handled without an appearance in court so you don’t have to miss work?
  • Can a continuance of your court date be obtained to allow you to explore your options?
  • Can your case be reduced to a lesser charge or dismissed?
  • If you are offered a plea deal, what are the terms, and what are the other consequences?

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Q. The officer took my driver’s license. Can I still drive?
A. YES. The DUI citation is an unrestricted permit for 10 days.

Q. Should I request a formal review at the DHSMV?
A. YES. Requesting a formal review will also permit you to obtain a BPO or business purpose only license that allows you to drive for work and other necessary reasons.

Q. I blew above a .08. Is that test really accurate?
A. NO. Just because a machine says it, doesn’t mean it’s correct. The results can be wrong for many reasons such as: improper maintenance, incorrect calibration or lack of proper certification of the machine; improper training of the operator or human error.

Bond Motions

Q. If I have a “no bond,” can I get one set? If I have a high bond, can I have it reduced?
A. Yes. An experienced attorney will file a bond motion asking the court to set a bond or lower the bond. In many cases, a judge will ROR you (release on own recognizance), which means you get out of jail without posting a bond.

Q. How long do I have to wait for my bond motion to be heard?
A. An experienced attorney can usually get a court date for a bond motion within 48 hours.

Violations of Probation/Release From Probation

Q. If I am on probation and arrested for a new offense, will my probation be violated?
A. The answer is almost always YES. Usually, the probation officer will file a violation and request an arrest warrant within one week of discovering the new arrest. Whether you are arrested for a technical violation or a new offense, a good attorney will discover your arrest warrant and notify you of its issuance. The attorney will then set a bond motion and you can go before a judge instead of turning yourself into the jail.

Q. Can I get off probation early?
A. YES. Most of the time, a skilled attorney can file a motion for early termination or modification of your probation. Call our office to see if you qualify.

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