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Defending You Against Severe Allegations

Federal narcotics charges can be serious allegations that often mean mandatory minimum sentences. Cases can be complex and involve allegations that you have purchased drugs from one source and are now selling them to a third party.

If you are facing allegations of a federal narcotic sale crime, you need an attorney who understands how to sift through the prosecution’s evidence. As a former narcotic crime prosecutor, Steven Wetter, can do just that. Today, Steven Wetter is a Fort Myers narcotic sale defense lawyer with over 20 years of experience that helps him to find problems with the prosecution’s case.

Minimizing The Consequences You Face

From purported ringleaders to street-level dealers and supporting players caught up in drug stings, our Florida drug crime defense firm helps clients aggressively fight the charges to avoid a felony conviction or minimize the prison term and other consequences.

Mr. Wetter handles a variety of cases involving purchase and sale of narcotics with a wide range of drugs and drug conspiracy charges, including:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine and crack
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine
  • Prescription medications
  • Ecstasy or MDMA

Identifying The Weaknesses In The Case Against You

When Mr. Wetter looks at your case, he will examine all the evidence against you. He knows that those cases that look complex and hard to defend against because of the many agencies and investigators involved can be the most prone to having problems for the state. He will take a critical look at how the evidence was gathered, and if there are reasons for a legal challenge, he will seek to have it thrown out of the case.

The goal in challenging the evidence that the state has gathered is to obtain a dismissal of the charges against you. When that is not possible, Mr. Wetter will seek reduced charges, suppression of evidence or an acquittal at trial.

We Understand The Stakes Involved

We know what’s at stake and we take every drug case seriously. Call 239-347-9133, or contact an experienced attorney today. We offer a free, confidential consultation and answer our phones 24 hours a day.