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Unique Insights Into Complex, Serious Drug Charges

If you or a loved one faces charges for a drug crime that includes a charge for possession with the intent to distribute, it may be obvious that you are facing serious consequences. These charges are often the product of complex investigations by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the FBI. Talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney early in the process to make sure that you understand your rights.

Work with an attorney who understands how to sift through the prosecution’s evidence. With over 20 years of legal experience, including time as a former Florida drug prosecutor, Steven Wetter, can do just that. Today, Steven Wetter is a Fort Myers narcotic sale defense lawyer with over 20 years of legal experience.

The Complications Of Facing Federal Charges

A federal drug crime is serious, but not an impossible situation. Mr. Wetter is dedicated in his offering of strong and effective federal criminal defense for people who are accused of drug charges involving the possession with intent to distribute, drug distribution or drug trafficking involving a wide range of drugs such as:

Mr. Wetter will examine all the evidence against you, help you thoughtfully consider all your options, and ensure that you understand the charges, evidence and potential penalties. Depending on your situation, our office will work to reduce your potential sentence through a plea bargain or file motions to seek to have evidence thrown out by the court.

Contact An Experienced Attorney

We know what’s at stake. We take every drug case seriously. Call 239-347-9133, or contact an experienced lawyer today. We offer a free, confidential consultation and answer our phones 24 hours a day.