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Leveraging The Unique Background Of A Former Prosecutor

If you face accusations of injuring or killing someone while driving drunk, the prosecution and the public want to see you locked up for a long time. With a prison sentence and felony record on the line, you will need a skilled defense to defeat the charges or minimize the penalties.

Attorney Steven Wetter is uniquely qualified to represent you on charges of DUI manslaughter or DUI resulting in serious bodily injury. He has tried and won felony jury trials as both a criminal defense lawyer and a former prosecutor, and he is knowledgeable about legitimate defenses to the DUI aspect of your case.

The law firm of Steven Wetter, serves the accused in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, and surrounding Florida communities of Lee County and Charlotte County.

We understand your freedom and future are at stake. Contact us immediately for a free, confidential consultation.

The Stakes Are High After A Serious Or Fatal Injury

If you are charged with hitting a pedestrian, or causing or contributing to a collision while driving under the influence ( alcohol DUI or drugs DUI), the stakes are very high:

  • If the victim suffered serious or permanent injury, a conviction carries prison time of up to four years.
  • If someone was killed, a conviction could send you to prison for eight to 10 years.
  • Leaving the scene of a serious accident is also a major felony, punishable by up to five years in prison if someone was injured and up to 30 years if someone died.

The actual prison sentence for a DUI accident will depend in part on aggravating factors, such as prior DUI, driving on a suspended license, a blood-alcohol level of .15 or greater, speeding or reckless driving, or hit-and-run.

If the prosecution has a solid case, part of our job is to introduce mitigating factors that might reduce the sentence. This could include your otherwise clean driving record and criminal record, the victim’s intoxication, that the other driver ran a red light, that the victim was a relative or friend, etc.

The Knowledge And Experience To Fight For Your Freedom

From his six years as an assistant state attorney, Steve Wetter knows that the prosecution does not always have an open-and-shut case. He is skilled at finding opportunities to suppress evidence and question the prosecution’s version of events. Can prosecutors prove you were driving? Can they prove you were drunk? Did the other driver run into you? Did you take evasive action before impact?

It is very difficult to make these serious charges “go away,” but we will exhaust every possible defense to negotiate lesser charges to avoid prison or otherwise limit prison time, and when the prosecution won’t budge, we are prepared to take your case to a jury.

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