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What are some common defenses to domestic violence charges?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence |

Although domestic violence is an epidemic in Florida and elsewhere, many people are falsely accused. Even if a person is exonerated, being charged could adversely affect their daily life. These are some of the most common defenses to domestic violence charges.

They lied

Sometimes, a romantic partner might stretch the truth or outright lie when they’re angry. They might even get revenge by telling police their partner beat them. If this is the case, the logical defense is to state that the accuser lied. If there’s sufficient evidence, this defense could work in the case.

It was someone else

A defendant can use the defense that they didn’t perpetrate the abuse, but someone else did. However, it’s necessary to establish the individual’s whereabouts and alibi. For example, the crime occurred on a specific day and time and cell phone records can show the defendant was several miles away during that exact time. Or if the person was with other, neutral parties, those people could testify that they weren’t at the scene.

Self-defense or defense of others

Self-defense can be claimed if the defendant only used force to defend themselves against to stop the other person from hurting them. Defense of others can also be used if the defendant used force to stop the other person from inflicting abuse on a third party. In situations of domestic violence, one person may not be the only victim; sometimes, the abuser also focuses their aggression on family members such as children. In that situation, it’s to be expected that the person would act in a way to stop the abuser from hurting a child or another family member.

False accusations and arrests for domestic violence can shatter your life. Protecting your good name is the best way to respond to criminal charges.