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Restaurant owner killed in a car accident

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | DUI |

A restaurant owner and two passengers have died after the restaurant owner’s car collided with a semi-truck on a Texas highway. The man was the owner of the popular BurgerQue restaurant in Florida, which he had launched in 2011. Following his death, the remaining employees have announced that they will close the restaurant.

Officers responded to the scene on December 9

According to local officials, the accident took place on the morning of December 9. The restaurant owner committed a traffic violation that caused his SUV to slam into a semi-truck on the highway. When paramedics arrived, the two passengers were transported to a hospital. Both passengers were later pronounced dead. The restaurant owner was also pronounced dead at the scene.

The owner had started his own burger restaurant after working in several other restaurants in his teenage years. The restaurant had won awards and opened three locations during its lifespan, although only one location was active at the time of the owner’s death. According to officials, the driver of the semi-truck was not injured in the crash. No lawsuits have been announced as a result of this fatal accident.

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