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Florida man charged with DUI after crash

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2020 | DUI |

A Florida man is facing multiple impaired driving charges after allegedly causing a traffic accident in Citrus County on the afternoon of July 9. The 42-year-old Crystal River resident was taken into custody at the scene after he allegedly failed to complete a standardized field sobriety test. He has been charged with driving under the influence, DUI causing property damage and DUI causing serious bodily injury. His bond has been set at $22,000 according to media reports.

Concerned road user calls 911 about reckless driver

The accident took place near the intersection of West Emerald Oaks Drive and North Citrus Avenue in Crystal River. As they were heading to the accident scene, deputies from the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office received a report about a gold Toyota sedan being driven recklessly in the area. When they arrived, deputies say they noticed that a gold Toyota was one of the vehicles that had crashed. They verified that the crashed Toyota was the same vehicle that had been described in the call by checking its license plate.

Driver agrees to field sobriety test

Deputies asked the driver of the Toyota to take a field sobriety test after conducting a drunk driving investigation. During the test, the man is said to have found it difficult to count out loud, walk in a straight line, maintain his balance without raising his arms and obey simple commands. This prompted deputies to take the man into custody on suspicion of drunk driving. A subsequent breath test found no traces of alcohol. Deputies then collected a urine sample from the man, which has given to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for analysis.

The involuntary intoxication defense in drunk driving cases

Experienced criminal defense attorneys may mount the affirmative defense of involuntary intoxication when DUI suspects either took prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications or controlled substances unknowingly or took them knowingly but were unaware of their psychoactive properties. If you are charged with DUI, an attorney could mount an affirmative defense on your behalf if you admit that you were impaired but claim that you had a good reason for getting behind the wheel