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Criminal defense protections for drug charges

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | Drug Crimes |

Drug charges can lead to serious penalties and consequences for accused individuals which is why they should understand how to protect themselves by utilizing criminal defense protections. The criminal justice system affords accused individuals important criminal defense protections they should be familiar with and understand how to enforce.

Whether the accused individual has been charged with drug possession or drug possession with the intent to sell, drug charges can result in harsh penalties and consequences including incarceration and fines. Drug charges can include misdemeanor or felony marijuana possession; cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine or other controlled substance charges; and prescription drug charges. If prescription drugs are illegally obtained or sold, they can also result in drug charges. Based on paraphernalia allegedly found, accused individuals may be charged with possession with the intent to sell.

Criminal defense strategies can be based on challenging the facts of the case or evidence alleged against accused individuals, as well as witness or police statements. Authorities are required to follow certain procedures for the protection of accused individuals and, if they fail to do so, violations of the accused individual’s criminal defense rights may also impact the accused individual’s criminal defense strategy. It is important to review and analyze a traffic stop leading to an arrest; any search that was conducted; or the validity of a search warrant.

A strong criminal defense strategy is based on the unique situation of the accused individual and the circumstances they are facing. Because of the potential long-term impacts of drug charges, it is essential to develop a strong criminal defense strategy that can potentially help mitigate, reduce or eliminate drug charges or lead to any other options, such as drug diversion programs, that may be available.


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