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January 2016

Case # 15-CT-504523 DUI .15 Judge Gagliardi Lee County

A 20-year-old Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) student was stopped for speeding. Police smelled both alcohol and marijuana in the vehicle. Client was arrested for DUI, and her breath sample was .177, which is more than twice legal limit. On 1/28/16, I got her enhanced DUI case dropped, and she pled to reckless driving.

Case # 15-CT-2832 DUI Judge Provost Collier County

A Collier County deputy observed my client driving his vehicle on Livingston Road with a severely damaged front tire. After the traffic stop, client said he was coming from “Johnny Malloy’s.” Deputy stated he smelled a strong odor of alcohol and observed bloodshot eyes. After field sobriety exercises, client was arrested for DUI and agreed to a breath test, and the results were .085. After I was retained and challenged the evidence, the DUI case dismissed!

Case # 14-CT-503679 3rd DUI Judge Gagliardi Lee County

A 55-year-old male was stopped for failing to maintain a single lane. The entire scene was captured on video. Police reported my client had a strong odor of alcohol, slurred speech, and bloodshot and watery eyes. He was arrested for DUI and refused a breath test. On 1/26/16, his third-offense DUI was reduced to reckless driving.

Case # 15-CT-503393 DUI Judge Hayes Lee County

An FSW State College student was stopped in downtown Ft. Myers for driving without headlights. Officers smelled a strong odor of alcohol and observed bloodshot and watery eyes. Client was arrested for DUI and refused breath test. On 1/26/16, her DUI refusal was reduced to reckless driving.

Case # 14-CF-15838 VOP Judge Kyle Lee County

Client violated his felony community control. He was also a VFO and scored prison time. On 1/25/16, I got his community control modified and reduced to probation. Client was released from jail and avoided prison time!

Case # 15-CF-17854 Judge Porter Lee County

Client was arrested for DUI, DUI property damage, leaving the scene of crash, driving while license suspended, and felony possession of marijuana. All DUI charges were dismissed! Client was on one-year probation and not even a convicted felon!

Case # 15-CJ-230 Aggravated Battery with a deadly weapon Judge Sloan Hendry County

Juvenile client was involved in a domestic violence situation and armed herself with a folding knife. Police arrested juvenile client for aggravated battery as client stabbed an adult male in the back. After being retained, I prepared to file a stand your ground motion. After speaking to the prosecutor about the stand your ground motion, all charges were dropped!

Case # 15-MM-1086 Resisting Arrest Judge Cupp Hendry County

Hendry County deputies received a 911 call from a Circle K store that there was an armed robbery involving a firearm that occurred in the parking lot. A description of the vehicle was given, and my client was subsequently stopped. Client was arrested for resisting. On the day of the trial, the prosecutor dropped the case!