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Defending Against Title IX Sexual Misconduct Allegations At Universities

Allegations of sexual harassment or misconduct under Title IX are a tremendous burden. If you’re a student, your education, career prospects, reputation and entire future are at risk. If you’re a professor or faculty member, your career and reputation are on the line.

Fortunately, you have the right to challenge these accusations. It’s crucial to seek out a lawyer for student sexual harassment allegations and other accusations of sexual misconduct. You need someone who is well-versed in the intricacies of Title IX cases. These are different from criminal charges and require a nuanced defense strategy.

A Formidable Ally In Title IX Enforcement Defense

Attorney Steven Wetter in Fort Myers brings a wealth of experience to the table when defending students and faculty in Title IX enforcement actions. With a background as a former prosecutor, he knows how to aggressively advocate for his clients’ rights.

Steve draws on more than 20 years of experience to fiercely defend students and faculty facing Title IX proceedings at institutions such as Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) or Florida SouthWestern State College (FSW). No matter the allegations you’re facing, you can rely on Steve for the robust defense you deserve.

The Process For Title IX Enforcement Actions

Universities and colleges that accept federal funding are required to conduct investigations into complaints of sexual assault, harassment, university sexual discrimination and other types of misconduct. Title IX enforcement actions involve an investigation, hearings and potential disciplinary proceedings.

The process can be complex, and it’s essential to have a lawyer by your side at every stage of the process. Steve can intervene early to protect you during the investigation. He will draw on his in-depth knowledge of investigatory procedures to challenge the evidence against you and, ideally, avoid disciplinary action.

The Difference Between Title IX Proceedings And Criminal Proceedings

Title IX proceedings differ significantly from criminal trials. The standard of proof is lower – “preponderance of the evidence” rather than “guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.” This means that the disciplinary panel only needs to believe that it’s more likely than not that the alleged misconduct occurred.

As a result, you need a robust defense to counter the accusations. Potential defenses may include demonstrating inconsistencies in the accuser’s story, lack of corroborative evidence or procedural errors in the handling of the investigation. Steven can pinpoint the strongest avenues for your defense.

The Intersection Of Title IX And Criminal Charges

In addition to Title IX proceedings, you could face criminal charges for sexual misconduct that rises to the level of a sex offense. This daunting possibility underscores the value of having an advocate like Steven Wetter. He is not only an experienced attorney in Title IX violation cases but also a former prosecutor. His insight from both sides of the courtroom is a powerful advantage in these situations.

Take Charge Of Your Title IX Defense With The Help Of Attorney Steven Wetter

If you’ve been confronted with Title IX allegations at FGCU, FSW or another institution in the Fort Myers area, don’t wait to safeguard your education and career. Contact lawyer Steven Wetter at 239-347-9133 for a vigorous defense.