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The Powerful Defense You Need Against Aggravated Battery Charges

When you face a charge as serious as aggravated battery, you need a hard-hitting defense lawyer who will work tirelessly to shield you from the harsh consequences of a conviction. A felony conviction can derail your life in every way. Thankfully, you can take control of your situation by enlisting the right legal help.

Steven Wetter in Fort Myers is not just any defense attorney. As a former prosecutor with extensive law enforcement experience, he brings over 20 years of experience to the table. He has handled hundreds of jury trials, including felonies. His insider understanding of the criminal justice system can be your advantage as you start to piece your life back together.

The Serious Nature Of Aggravated Battery In Florida

Aggravated battery in Florida goes beyond simple assault; it involves actual physical harm. As a second-degree felony, it’s a violent offense that can lead to significant prison time.

These charges apply when:

  • The perpetrator uses a deadly weapon such as a firearm
  • The victim sustains a severe injury, scarring or lasting disability
  • The perpetrator knew that the victim was pregnant at the time of the offense

The prosecutor must prove the aggravating element of the offense.

Possible Defenses That Can Make A Big Difference

You should never assume that the prosecution has a watertight case. You may have potential defenses like lack of evidence, self-defense or protection of others.

With his background as a former prosecutor, lawyer Steven Wetter knows how to identify these and other weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. He can present a compelling defense on your behalf.

Take Control With A Trusted Aggravated Battery Attorney

If you’re grappling with aggravated battery accusations, act quickly to protect your freedom and future. Talk to Steven Wetter, a seasoned defense lawyer for aggravated battery charges. Call 239-347-9133 or email him to get started.