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You Deserve A Strong Defense Against Federal Sex Crime Allegations

On the spectrum of criminal allegations, federal sex offense charges stand out as especially serious. They carry more than just the weight and stigma of being labeled a sex offender. When the federal government targets an individual for investigation, they’re often treated as the “worst of the worst.”

An accusation does not equate to guilt, and no case is beyond hope, no matter how heinous the allegations. You have the right to a strong legal ally at every stage of the criminal and investigatory process.

Attorney Steven Wetter’s career as a former prosecutor has given him substantial experience defending people facing serious federal charges. His background in law enforcement includes working closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He has an insider’s understanding of how the feds investigate and prosecute these cases. He uses that insight to provide a hard-hitting defense for people like you in the Fort Myers area.

The Distinction Between Federal And State Sex Crime Charges

Federal charges are often much more serious than state-level sex offense charges. Federal investigators in Florida target high-priority felony offenses such as child pornography. Equipped with extensive resources, they employ tech experts to uncover forensic evidence that often makes up the bulk of their cases.

Your defense must be equally robust. Steven Wetter has access to the necessary resources to mount a powerful defense on your behalf.

The feds also target cases involving the alleged human trafficking of sex workers, particularly those crossing state lines. They aggressively pursue multicount felony charges with significant potential prison terms. These cases are complex, and Steve knows how to fight them.

Take Control Of Your Federal Sex Crimes Defense

If you’re facing federal sex offense charges such as child pornography, attorney Steven Wetter can fight for your reputation and freedom. He is a seasoned sex offense lawyer with experience handling more than 200 jury trials.

These allegations don’t have to define your life. Start fighting back by calling 239-347-9133 or reaching out online to speak with attorney Wetter.