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A Hard-Hitting Defense Against Federal Drug Charges

Federal drug charges are nothing to toy with. Compared to state charges, they often lead to harsher consequences, including lengthy sentences in federal prison. Mandatory minimum prison terms can be particularly unforgiving. But with the right legal counsel, there’s a path to a better outcome.

In Fort Myers, attorney Steven Wetter is well-equipped to defend you against even the most serious of federal drug charges. As a former prosecutor who has worked with the federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) – which investigates drug crimes – Steve understands the intricacies of how federal drug cases are built and pursued. He has more than 20 years of experience handling state and federal crimes. Additionally, he has a proven track record of handling 200-plus jury trials.

Steven’s insider understanding of the legal system is a strength that not many other defense lawyers can match. His approach is hard-hitting and aggressive, tailored to protect your rights and your future.

Understanding The Scope Of Federal Drug Crimes

Federal drug crimes encompass a wide range of offenses, and Steven Wetter is well-equipped to handle them all, including:

  • Possession with intent to distribute: Holding large quantities of drugs may lead to accusations of planning to sell or distribute, which carry severe penalties.
  • Distribution and trafficking: The act of selling or moving controlled substances can result in significant federal charges.
  • Drug conspiracy: Simply agreeing to participate in drug-related activities can lead to conspiracy charges, even if you never directly handled the drugs.
  • Manufacture: Producing illegal substances and synthesizing certain chemicals can serve as grounds for a felony offense.
  • Continuing criminal enterprise: Those accused of being part of a large-scale drug operation can face this charge, which targets the “big fish” who move significant quantities of controlled substances.

Federal agencies typically prioritize dismantling larger-scale operations, often overlooking personal use to focus on the major players. However, they may also charge individuals with lesser involvement, using them as leverage to build a case against the main targets. Having worked with the DEA, Steve is adept at countering these sneaky tactics.

Steve can also represent you if you’re facing federal and state drug charges – a nightmare situation that can result in double convictions.

Build Your Defense Against Federal Drug Charges With Defense Lawyer Steve Wetter

If you’re dealing with federal drug charges in Fort Myers, Florida, don’t wait to seek help. Steve knows how to unravel the prosecution’s case against you. His extensive experience and aggressive approach make him ideally positioned to challenge the prosecution, no matter how daunting the case may appear.

It’s time to take control of your defense. Contact Steve today at 239-347-9133.