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The Defense You Deserve Against Repeat DUI Charges

Florida law takes a harsh stance on DUIs, especially repeat offenses. If you find yourself facing a second, third or subsequent DUI charge, you’re facing more severe penalties that will impact your life in a big way. A conviction can deprive you of your freedom, driving privileges, job opportunities and more. Now is not the time to skimp on a strong defense.

Attorney Steven Wetter, a Fort Myers defense lawyer with more than two decades of experience, understands the intricacies of DUI cases. As a former prosecutor, he has seen firsthand how law enforcement conducts investigations. He is keenly aware of the common errors and oversteps that can occur when the state pursues DUI charges.

You can count on Steve to aggressively defend your rights in the face of repeat DUI allegations. He also handles felony DUIs involving serious injuries or death.

The High Stakes Of Repeat DUIs

In Florida, the potential consequences for repeat DUI offenses include:

  • Second offense: Heavier fines, longer license suspension and possible jail time
  • Third offense: Classified as a felony DUI with substantial fines, mandatory jail sentence and license revocation for 10-plus years
  • Fourth and subsequent offenses: Felony charges with exorbitant fines, significant mandatory prison time and lifetime loss of your driver’s license

The exact penalties depend on how long ago your priors occurred. A prior within the last five years will result in harsher penalties.

Defense Strategies For Repeat DUI Charges

There are many possible angles for challenging a repeat DUI charge, including:

  • Challenging the legality of the traffic stop
  • Disputing the accuracy of blood/breath test results
  • Questioning the field sobriety test procedures and results
  • Undermining the evidence to cast reasonable doubt on the prosecution’s arguments

Every case has unique elements, and sometimes, negotiating a favorable plea bargain is the best route. Steve is a skilled negotiator who knows how to successfully argue for reduced charges.

However, if your case goes to trial, you want a formidable trial lawyer like Steven by your side. His extensive trial experience speaks for itself, with more than 200 jury trials under his belt.

Take Action With A Trusted DWI Defense Lawyer

Criminal charges can make you feel powerless, but you can take control by getting help from Steven Wetter. His experience as a lawyer handling repeat DUI offenses can be to your advantage. Connect with Steven today at 239-347-9133 and take the first step toward taking your life back.