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Charged with drug possession?

The state of Florida is always working hard to keep controlled substances out of the hands of its residents. Anyone found possessing illegal drugs -- whether for personal use or to sell -- may face severe consequences that can change their lives forever if they are convicted. What do Florida laws say about drug possession? What does it take for prosecuting attorneys to achieve a conviction, and what can those accused of drug possession do to defend themselves?

Reported sound of gunshots leads to teen's arrest

Area police arrested a teenager for several weapons charges after receiving a call about someone celebrating New Year's Eve by firing a gun into the air. Although police consider it dangerous and illegal, firing bullets or shells to celebrate the New Year is a rather common practice.

Important criminal defense protections against drug charges

Drug charges are serious criminal charges and those facing them can face serious potential penalties and consequences as a result. Drug possession charges can lead to an arrest record and even incarceration which is why accused individuals need to be familiar with the criminal defense protections available to them to help with the charges and possible consequences they are facing.

Criminal defense protections for drug charges

Drug charges can lead to serious penalties and consequences for accused individuals which is why they should understand how to protect themselves by utilizing criminal defense protections. The criminal justice system affords accused individuals important criminal defense protections they should be familiar with and understand how to enforce.

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