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Can you beat a running a red light ticket?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2024 | Traffic Violations |

Florida traffic laws require that motorists stop at red lights. People who run red lights sometimes cause crashes. They are also at risk of a citation. If a police officer sees someone run a red light, they may pull that person over and issue them a ticket.

There are also many busy intersections that now have red light traffic cameras installed. Certain municipalities use automated systems that capture license information about vehicles that run red lights and then issue citations to the driver.

Someone issued a red light ticket in Florida may worry about paying the citation. They may believe that they followed the law and they want to avoid the penalties that come with the ticket. How much is a red light ticket in Florida?

The ticket cost is only the beginning

The standard cost for a ticket issued for running a red light is $158. The citation also adds four points to the driver’s license, which can increase what they pay for insurance. If they don’t pay the ticket within 90 days, the state can refer the matter to an outside collection agency. At that point, there could be a 40% surcharge added that can increase the amount owed to $262. In cases where a police officer pulls someone over to issue a ticket, the citation could actually cost more in some cases. People can even lose their licenses after too many moving violations.

How can people fight against traffic tickets?

Every motorist accused of a traffic violation potentially has the option of fighting the ticket in court. They can retain the assistance of a lawyer. Perhaps someone shares a vehicle with a friend or family member. Maybe they entered the intersection when the light was yellow, which means they didn’t technically run a red light. There are many viable ways of responding to a ticket issued for running a red light.

Reviewing the situation with a skilled legal team can help people determine if mounting a traffic citation defense is the right choice in their situation. Those who fight tickets successfully can avoid points that could put their license at risk and increase insurance prices. A successful ticket defense can help someone avoid future expenses and can protect their driving privileges.


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