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I have a speeding ticket – what should I do?

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2023 | Traffic Violations |

The experience of driving fast can rival any roller coaster ride, but it is also even more dangerous. When you go too fast, you endanger yourself, your passengers, fellow drivers, and even pedestrians.

Florida’s speed limit laws typically dictate that you can’t go over 20 mph in school zones, 30 mph in urban areas, and 55 mph on all other roads and highways (unless otherwise posted). It takes just one reckless joyride to break these limits, and you could be ticketed for the trouble you’ve caused.

So, what should you do if an officer tickets you for speeding?

What happens when you get a speeding ticket?

Those who violate Florida’s speed limits for the first time are usually fined from $25 to $250 – the exact amount can vary among counties. Note that the authorities could levy other surcharges.

Will authorities suspend my license if I get ticketed?

If you get ticketed for speeding, your license won’t be immediately suspended – unless you’ve been ticketed several times within months. Speeding violations carry a three-point penalty for the violator’s driver’s license. Incurring 12 points within a year will result in a 30-day license suspension, while 18 points within 18 months will get your license suspended for three months. Those who incur 24 points in 36 months will see their licenses suspended for a year.

What can I do if I get a speeding ticket?

You have 30 days to respond after you have been issued a ticket. You have three options when this happens:

  • Accept the penalty points – You can pay the fee associated with your ticket and accept the three penalty points. Remember that these points last for at least five years from the disposition date.
  • Undertake driver improvement courses – If you wish not to take any penalty points, you can still pay the ticket – but pledge to take driver improvement courses instead of taking the points. Note that you will have to pay an election fee for a course.
  • Challenge the ticket in court – The third option is to take your case to court and have it dismissed. To prepare for your case, you’ll need evidence and witnesses to back your claim.

Remember that you only have 30 days to respond to a ticket. Speed may have gotten you into trouble, but you’ll also need to act quickly to get out of it.