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The importance of ending the cycle of teen dating violence in Florida

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2022 | Domestic Violence |

Domestic violence is a problem that could impact anyone in Florida. Unfortunately, teens in dating relationships can experience a cycle of abuse like adults. These facts are why it’s so urgent to end the process.

Types of dating violence

Many teens in dating relationships face physical abuse at the hands of their partners. Although girls are more likely to be on the receiving end of it, boys can also be victims. Hitting, kicking, slapping and shoving are examples of how physical abuse occurs.

Another type of dating violence that can affect teens is sexual. For example, one partner can violate the other by forcing them to have sex, which is considered rape or explicitly post photos of them online without their consent.

Some forms of domestic violence among teens aren’t even physical. It could be psychological, emotional or mental. Using verbal and non-verbal communication to manipulate and control a partner is common. Stalking can also instill fear in the victim and the people close to them.

Effects of dating violence on teens

Teens in abusive relationships often downplay their situation and explain away their partner’s behavior. They might even blame themselves. However, many realize that their relationships are toxic and notice that their partners are manipulative, controlling, alienating them from their family members and friends and looking for a way out.

It’s common for teens in domestic violence situations to develop mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. They often feel helpless and hopeless if they can’t see a way out of the relationship. They might even begin to exhibit risky behaviors and turn to self-harm.

Ending the cycle of abuse in teen dating relationships is crucial. Those involved in abusive situations need help, starting with their parents’ support.

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