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DUI demographics and arrests

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | DUI |

Demographics do not tell the entire story about driving under the influence. However, reviewing statistics and information may paint a picture of who is at risk the most. Regardless, drunk driving collisions will happen in Florida no matter what preventive steps authorities and influencers take.

Drunk driving concerns in Florida

Drunk driving remains a problem across the country, but statistics indicate Florida ranks in the top three states with the highest number of fatal collisions. Several factors might contribute to the problem. Florida remains a tourist destination, and many festive activities involve alcohol. Intoxicated visitors find themselves involved in a collision if they get behind the wheel in an inebriated conditions.

Of course, residents also face arrests for drunk driving. Persons struggling with substance abuse might repeatedly drive under the influence. They may do so even after multiple DUI arrests.

Also, data indicate that there is a problem with teenagers who drink and drive. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that 20% of teen drivers involved in fatal accidents in 2010 had been drinking before getting behind the wheel.

Many intoxicated teens take the road after binge drinking. They may not realize how dangerous their actions are or what consequences may follow.

Legal troubles following a DUI

Anyone arrested for a DUI in Florida could be facing not only a loss of driving privileges but steep fines and jail time. Drunk drivers who harm others or cause fatal accidents would likely receive felony charges.

Be aware that not all arrests or criminal complaints have any merit. If the police violated a suspect’s rights by stopping the vehicle without the requisite reasonable suspicion, DUI test results might not be admissible. In other situations, the test results could be faulty due to an officer’s error, potentially undermining the prosecutor’s evidence. These and other issues could be brought up in court.


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