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Should I plead guilty to a DUI charge?

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2022 | DUI |

Pleading guilty to any Florida criminal charge is a serious decision that all defendants should fully evaluate first. There are consequences that go along with a guilty plea in the future because it can be the basis for certain restrictions as well as generate a criminal history that many did not have previously. Rarely do prosecutors offer the best plea deal possible when the case has not been fully presented in court, and there is always a possibility that some of the evidence being used by the state is not valid or accurate.

Issues that can be contested

One of the first pieces of evidence that can be evaluated in a DUI case is the accuracy of a BAC reading. All certified breath analysis machines must be calibrated on a time schedule, and machines that are not inspected cannot be used to provide evidence for prosecution. In addition, officer testimony is also commonly part of the evidence, and they can be cross-examined on the stand or potentially alter their testimony in a case negotiation.

Life impact of a DUI conviction

The impact that an impaired driving conviction can have on life going forward can be detrimental. Aside from establishing a criminal history that will be reflected in any background report, it can also impact availability eligibility for certain government programs and future employment. The penalties also can include jail time along with significant fines and fees associated with the punishment such as paying for alcoholic drivers education and IID fees. And this is not to mention driving privilege suspension and increased auto insurance rates.

While cases involving alcohol impairment can sometimes be difficult to defend, those involving prescription medications can be successfully contested when the chemical in question is detected as latent and not active at the time of the charge. Negotiating a charge reduction or case dismissal could be possible in these DUI cases.