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Can a job offer be rescinded after a DUI?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2022 | DUI |

Job seekers in Florida expect things to go smoothly after receiving an offer of employment. You should know what can happen if that offer is rescinded due to a DUI.

Can a job offer be rescinded due to a DUI?

Employers take it seriously when a job applicant has a DUI conviction on their record. However, there are certain factors that might lead to a job offer being rescinded. If the person doesn’t qualify for the job or if they lied in their job application, they would likely not be considered for employment.

Another reason why a job offer might be rescinded is that the applicant was required to take a drug test and failed. This gives the employer reason to believe that the individual might still have a problem that could interfere with their ability to satisfactorily perform the job.

Many companies also offer at-will employment, which means that the employer could rescind a job offer at any point, for any reason. If there are hundreds of prospective new employees and a small percentage are discovered to have DUIs in their past, the employer might weed them out as applicants.

What should an applicant do after a job is rescinded?

If a person was already employed by a company but left due to a new job offer and that offer is rescinded due to a DUI arrest or conviction in their past, they might have a claim for a lawsuit. This situation can negatively impact the individual’s life as it might cost the person a lot as they lose their livelihood, income and additional money. The individual would have to seek professional help to take action and fight back. The job offer being rescinded could be invalid such as due to discrimination if the DUI is deep in their past.

If a job offer was rescinded from you unfairly, you need to protect your rights and hold the employer liable for your damages.

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