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Defending yourself against charges of abusive yelling

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2022 | Domestic Violence |

There are many potential defenses to abusive yelling depending on the situation. Here are four possible defenses to use if you’ve been accused in Florida.

The yelling was in self-defense

If you can prove that the person you were yelling at was physically attacking you or threatening your safety, then the court could consider your yelling as self-defense. To use this defense, you must have acted reasonably under the circumstances.

The victim invited the abuse

In some cases, victims of abusive yelling may have actually provoked their abuser on purpose. If the victim was taunting, mocking or otherwise provoking you before the yelling began, you could use that as a defense.

The yelling was not directed at the victim

Another possible defense is if you were yelling at someone else and not actually directing your words at the victim. For example, if you were arguing with your spouse on the phone and a third person walked in, they might perceive the yelling to be directed at them.

You have a mental illness

If you can prove to the court that you have a mental illness that causes you to yell abuse, you may have a defense. Mental illnesses can sometimes cause people to act out in ways that they would not normally act.

Why is a defense important?

Abusive yelling can have serious consequences in Florida. Thus, it is important to have a defense strategy for your specific situation.

If charged, you can face penalties like a month in prison, six months of probation and a $500 fine. Additionally, a judge can use the conviction as evidence against you in divorce court. You might lose custody because of a history of abusive yelling.

In any relationship, there will be disagreements. Sometimes, these disagreements turn into full-blown arguments and even escalate to the point of yelling, but one bad moment shouldn’t affect your life forever.


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