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Speeding laws and penalties in Florida

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2021 | Traffic Violations |

Every state has laws against speeding to keep the roads safe, but many people still drive fast. A speeding ticket adds points to a person’s license, and too many points can mean revocation. It commonly raises insurance rates, and there are several penalties a driver in Fort Myers, Florida, may face.

Speeding ticket penalties

One of the most frequent traffic violations drivers commit in Florida is speeding, although new laws have passed. In 2008, a new law increased the penalties for driving 30 miles faster than the speed limit, imposing possible jail time, a 10-year license suspension, and vehicle confiscation.

The laws are already tough for going 50 miles above the speed limit with penalties of up to $1,000 fines and license suspension. Drivers can get ticketed for going six to nine miles over the speed limit, which costs $144.

A first offense for going less than five miles over the speed limit commonly gets the driver a warning. However, if someone gets pulled over in a school zone or construction site, he or she may get fined up to $1,000. A speeding violation 15 miles above the limit commonly adds three points to a person’s license, and 16 miles add four points.

Fighting a speeding ticket

One defense is basic speed law allows drivers to go faster than the posted speed if it is reasonably safe. A mistake of fact could apply, such as not seeing a posted sign because bushes obstructed it.

A driver may challenge the training of the officer and the method used to clock speeds. Witness statements may help the driver question the officer’s judgment and give proof of the driver not speeding.

Speeding is a serious offense, and whether a driver should challenge a ticket depends on the circumstances. In some cases, the first-offense ticket under $200 may not be worth challenging because of court fines and legal fees.