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How can police determine intent to distribute?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2021 | Drug Crimes |

Being arrested for trafficking in drugs is a life-altering event for some individuals in Florida. Local and state authorities are always on the lookout for drug rings, and those arrested for possession of even moderate amounts of drugs are often prosecuted for trafficking. What is actually a personal stash can be misconstrued as intended for resale by law enforcement officers under certain conditions based on amount and packaging, but there could be other factors as well that indicate intent to distribute.

Transaction observation

Police officers must have reasonable suspicion of criminal activity before they can move to search or investigate for probable cause. This is commonly what happens when someone is interrogated and eventually arrested following a search. Observing a transaction is a common method of apprehending suspects who are found in possession.

Excessive amounts of cash

Another indicator that a suspect is distributing drugs is an inordinate amount of money in their possession as well as the contraband. While some Florida residents are actually employed and can justify having a significant amount of cash on hand, those with little explainable means of generating significant amounts of cash establish reasonable suspicion for law enforcement officers.

Drug paraphernalia

Another material article of evidence is having possession of drug paraphernalia such as smoking pipes and digital scales used for measuring drug amounts. Drugs are typically sold by weight regardless of the substance, many times in small amounts, and possessing needed equipment can even result in additional drug charges.

It is important for all individuals in Florida who have valid prescription medicines to keep those substances in the proper container. Failing to follow the law in this regard can raise suspicion of drug trafficking even with physician authorization, and failing to comply can also result in additional drug charges in some cases.