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Drug charges on college campuses

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2021 | Drug Crimes |

The rules are different on college campuses, particularly when it comes to drug charges. If you’re a Florida resident charged with drug possession while living in a college dorm, the consequences can be significantly different than if you were out in the “real world.” Here are some important things to consider.

College police

College administrations will deal with drug charges differently than the law enforcement in the city or state the college is located in. Small, private educational institutions are less likely to push for students’ arrests than public, more well-known colleges. At larger schools, students will probably face harsh disciplinary action for drug charges.

For example, Florida State University demanded that only 32 of its 40,000 students face discipline from the college administrations for drug use. However, over 400 students were arrested on drug charges. Larger colleges and universities usually have a private police force that works with local law enforcement to ensure campus safety.

Public police force

The bigger the college or university is, the more the institution is integrated with the surrounding town or city. This means that the public police force is more likely to be involved in drug charges that involve college students. These charges can include drug distribution on campus and drug possession. There are also specific statutes related to selling drugs near a school campus or having drugs in a dorm or campus building.

When it comes to drug charges, some schools may encourage disciplinary action on campus instead of getting the local police involved. However, it’s important to be cautious and know your legal rights if you’re a college student facing a possible drug charge.

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