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A Florida man is charged with DUI manslaughter

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2020 | Criminal Defense, DUI |

A man in Florida has been charged with various offenses after causing a car accident that took the life of a female passenger in the backseat of his vehicle. On August 8, the man left Rosie’s Sports Bar and Grill with two passengers in the backseat and another in the passenger’s seat. The man was driving with a blood alcohol level that was nearly twice the legal limit.

When he attempted to drive onto the exit ramp, the man drove off the ramp and crashed the vehicle into a pine tree. The collision split the car in half. One of the passengers in the backseat was pronounced dead at the scene while the other was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The woman in the front passenger’s seat initially told the police that she had been the one driving and, then, later admitted that the man had been behind the wheel. She has been charged with witness tampering and resisting arrest.

The driver was charged with DUI manslaughter and driving without a license, among other offenses. He and the front-seat passenger were taken to the hospital, but they were later released. In a statement, the police chief said that the crash caused needless loss of life.

How to proceed when charged with a DUI

An individual charged with a DUI can face hefty consequences, including large fines, jail time, a suspended license, and other penalties. Depending on the situation, a DUI might come with additional charges if there was an accident that caused injury or death. As a result, the client might find it beneficial to speak with a lawyer. Working with a lawyer, a client might be able to get the charges dropped, resulting in smaller fines or less jail time. They might even get the charges dropped altogether.