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Drug investigation leads to search and seizure

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2020 | Drug Crimes |

A Florida woman was taken into custody on a raft of felony drug and weapons charges on June 8 when officers assigned to the Jackson County Drug Task Force executed a search warrant at her home. The JCDTF was assisted during the operation by deputies from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. A JCSO representative said that the investigation into the 32-year-old Grand Ridge resident’s alleged activities was launched after several complaints were received about suspicious activities at her residence.

Media reports indicate that the woman was arrested without incident. During the course of the search, investigators allegedly discovered an undisclosed quantity of a substance believed to be methamphetamine along with items commonly used to package and distribute the drug. These items included scales and plastic bags. Firearms and ammunition were also found according to reports.

The woman has been charged with methamphetamine trafficking, methamphetamine distribution, maintaining or operating a drug house, possessing ammunition while a felon and two counts of possessing weapons while a felon. After being taken into custody, she was transported to a nearby detention facility for processing. The JCDTF is a multi-agency law enforcement initiative staffed by officers from the Sneads, Graceville and Cottondale Police Departments and deputies from the JCSO’s Narcotics Division.

In cases like this one, the admissibility of items discovered during police searches is often a crucial factor. Searches may be ruled illegal and the evidence seized excluded even when a search warrant was issued if the officers involved misled the issuing judge or exceeded the scope of the warrant. This is why experienced criminal defense attorneys may encourage individuals facing drug charges to remain silent until a lawyer has scrutinized and assessed the evidence against them. When police may have acted improperly, attorneys could seek to have narcotics charges dismissed.