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College football player faces drug charges after traffic stop

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Drug Crimes |

In Florida and throughout the nation, drug charges are taken seriously by law enforcement and prosecutors. These allegations can have myriad consequences if there is a conviction. A challenge that often accompanies drug charges is the possibility that there will be separate charges unrelated to drugs. For young people, especially college athletes, this can be problematic and warrants a strong legal defense.

A college football player for the University of Tennessee was arrested on several charges after a traffic stop in Florida. The stop occurred at around 5 a.m. as the 20-year-old University of Tennessee running back was said to have been weaving in traffic and speeding. He was accused of possessing cannabis, drug paraphernalia and a loaded gun. Officers reportedly discovered a scale, plastic bags and more than 9 ounces of marijuana. Possessing a concealed gun without a permit is a third-degree felony.

Drug crimes and the accompanying penalties can vary in severity. If, for example, a person possessed marijuana and it was a small amount for individual use, this will have different ramifications than if the person possessed items associated with selling the drug. If weapons charges are added to the mix, the combination could result in harsh penalties including jail time and fines if convicted.

The college football player arrested in this case is set to enter his senior year in school. Whether he wants a future in sports or is hoping to use his college education to improve his employment prospects, a drug and weapons conviction could hamper his goals. In a case like this, there might be an avenue to reduce the charges in a plea bargain. The traffic stop or search could have violated protocol, so the evidence may be called into question, but having a legal defense is often critical. A law firm experienced in defending against drug charges might help.


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