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Speeding violations happen for many reasons

On Behalf of | May 21, 2020 | Traffic Violations |

In Florida and across the US, speeding violations can happen for many reasons. On May 9, a Florida Highway Patrol Trooper pulled over two drivers for traveling over 130 miles per hour. The reason both of these drivers gave for speeding was that they were hungry.

One of the drivers was driving an Audi RS5, and the second driver was driving a Mustang GT. According to the Florida Highway Patrol Trooper, “Both vehicles were participating in a race.” The trooper went on to elaborate that “the driver of the white Audi RS5 successfully demonstrated superiority by overtaking the Mustang through a speed competition. Both vehicles were demonstrating the power and acceleration of their respective vehicles in an attempt to outgain the other.”

Both drivers told the trooper they had been “fasting all day” and were on their way to dinner at a family member’s house. This speeding event happened concurrently with the month of Ramadan, during which people of the Muslim faith fast every day until the sun sets.

The drivers’ reason for speeding did not get them out of trouble with the Florida Highway Patrol Trooper. They were both arrested for racing at dangerous speeds on the highway and putting public safety at risk. After reading the story, many have joked the drivers should have carried food, and they made an episode of “Fasting n Furious,” a parody similar to the popular movie series.

When a driver has been arrested for excessive speeding, the consequences and potential fines can be serious, so it is no joking matter. It is important to have a criminal defense attorney with experience in traffic violations to fight for the driver’s rights and ensure the most favorable outcome. Hiring an experienced lawyer can make all the difference.


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