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A closer look at domestic violence charges

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2019 | Domestic Violence |

Florida domestic violence charges are significant for everyone involved, which is why families affected by domestic violence should understand what it is and what the criminal and other legal consequences of domestic violence charges may be. Domestic violence includes more than physical violence and anyone affected by family violence should be familiar with what domestic violence includes.

Domestic violence refers to violence, specifically violent acts, one family or household member commits against another. Domestic violence can include physical harm inflicted by family members and can include child abuse. Domestic violence can refer to violence between parties, including married and unmarried partners, straight or gay partners and those that are dating or who are living together and cohabitating.

There is a long list of the different types of violence that is included in the definition of domestic violence. Physical abuse is the most commonly known form of domestic violence, but domestic violence can also include sexual abuse, psychological abuse, emotional abuse and economic abuse. Stalking and cyber stalking can also be included in the definition of domestic abuse. The legal process provides resources for individuals accused of domestic violence charges and those affected in other ways by domestic violence.

Domestic violence can have a broad ranging impact on families that are dealing with domestic violence concerns and allegations. Protections are available through the legal process for those who have been accused of committing domestic violence, which are important to be familiar with because of the extensive penalties and personal and professional life changes an individual who has been accused of domestic violence may face.