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Important criminal defense protections against drug charges

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2019 | Drug Crimes |

Drug charges are serious criminal charges and those facing them can face serious potential penalties and consequences as a result. Drug possession charges can lead to an arrest record and even incarceration which is why accused individuals need to be familiar with the criminal defense protections available to them to help with the charges and possible consequences they are facing.

Possible drug charges accused individuals can face include marijuana possession charges which may be charged as misdemeanor marijuana possession or felony marijuana possession depending on the amount of marijuana the accused individual allegedly possessed; cocaine possession charges; other drug possession charges such as heroin, meth or other controlled substances charges; illegal prescription drug possession charges; prescription fraud; and possession with intent to sell charges.

Drug charges for the sale of drugs, trafficking or possession with the intent to sell can result in even stiffer penalties and consequences. Drug distribution charges may result based on the quantity of drugs allegedly found or if items associated with drug distribution are found such as large amounts of cash, scales or baggies. There are a variety of procedures police must follow when arresting someone and it can be a defense to the charges the accused individual is facing if they failed to follow those procedures.

If authorities failed to follow certain procedures when conducting a search or arresting an accused individual, it may call into question the alleged evidence against the accused individual which may be challenged if there is a reason to question a search, search warrant or the basis for a traffic stop. Because of the valuable criminal defense protections available to them, accused individuals need to be familiar with how they can protect themselves from drug charges.


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