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What is considered domestic violence?

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2019 | Domestic Violence |

Because domestic violence can have such significant consequences for anyone involved in it, it is helpful for anyone impacted by domestic violence to understand what is considered domestic violence and, if they are facing legal charges, what those charges mean. There are a variety of legal resources available to anyone impacted by domestic violence and those involved should understand what they are.

Those impacted by domestic violence need to make sure they have all of their questions answered about what is considered domestic violence and how they can protect themselves. Anyone charged with domestic violence should be familiar with what is considered domestic violence because they are potentially facing significant personal and other consequences as a result of a domestic violence charges.

Domestic violence, sometimes referred to as family violence, includes physical violence, sexual violence, emotional abuse, economic abuse, psychological abuse, threats, stalking and cyberstalking. Though domestic violence is commonly thought of as physical violence, and it includes physical violence, it also includes a variety of other types of violence designed to maintain control over the target of the different types of domestic violence.

Those who are the target of domestic violence can include spouses; sexual, intimate and dating partners; cohabitants; family members; and children. The legal process provides legal options and protections to those who are facing domestic violence allegations, accusations and charges. Domestic violence charges can result in penalties and consequences, including those that can impact the accused individual’s ability to return home, which is why it is valuable to be familiar with criminal justice resources to help individuals facing domestic violence charges.