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Serious help with traffic violations

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2019 | Traffic Violations |

Traffic violations can be more serious than accused individuals sometimes think. They can lead to a variety of significant, and unpleasant, penalties and consequences for accused individuals which is why drivers facing traffic violations should be familiar with the resources available to help them.

Drivers facing traffic violations can face threats to their driving privileges such as license suspension or license revocation; increased insurance rates; and even jail time depending on the circumstances. It is important for drivers accused of committing a traffic violation to fully consider their options and the protections available to them before they pay a fine or admit to anything. It may be possible to have the violation reduced or dismissed.

In addition, certain major traffic offenses may be considered more serious and can include driving while license suspended; hit-and-run; reckless driving; racing; driving under the influence; or habitual traffic offender charges which refers to a driver that has three major offenses or 15 moving violations. These traffic violations are considered misdemeanor charges and should never be taken lightly. More minor, but still serious, traffic violations include speeding tickets, citations for running a red light or a stop sign, illegally passing or making an illegal lane change, passing a school bus or speeding in a school or construction zone.

It is important for accused individuals to protect their driving privileges, freedom and future and traffic violations, while themselves problematic for drivers, can also lead to more serious penalties and consequences. The resources available through the criminal justice system to assist drivers can help protect their driving record and also provide important protections they should be familiar with.