Cape Coral Juvenile Defense Lawyer

If your minor child is accused of a crime it is only natural to be "freaked out." You have good reason to be concerned about the potential punishments and the possible impact on your son's or daughter's future.

The juvenile justice system is complicated and not always predictable. You need an attorney who is familiar with juvenile law and criminal defense to ensure that your child is not unjustly accused or punished too severely. The law firm of Steven Wetter, Attorney at Law, P.A., can guide you and your teenager through this process and keep the focus on rehabilitating rather than penalizing.

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Juvenile Defense in Lee County and Charlotte County

Steven Wetter has practiced in criminal law for 16 years, and he has substantial experience representing juveniles in every type of juvenile crime:

Youths and parents often learn the hard way that police can detain and interrogate a minor without a parent or lawyer present, and that school administrators have the right to search a student's pockets, backpack, locker or car parked on school grounds. However, there are rules and limits, and we have held authorities accountable for violating juveniles' rights by getting evidence suppressed and charges dismissed.

Minimizing the Consequences of Juvenile Offenses

If your son or daughter is accused of a serious offense, he or she can be held up to 21 days at a juvenile detention center, confined to house arrest or removed from school to an alternative education center. For a lesser offense, your child will be released to you, with conditions.

If your child is adjudicated guilty, the potential punishments range from a warning all the way to a Level 8 boot camp or Level 10 juvenile prison. Steven Wetter is a skilled defense lawyer and former prosecutor who knows how to challenge the evidence against your child, and how to negotiate under the facts of the case and the juvenile prosecutor's discretion.

  • For a good kid who made bad choices (i.e., an otherwise clean record), we can often arrange for probation, alcohol or drug treatment, anger management classes and other alternatives that give your youth the help and second chance he or she needs.
  • For a youth with previous run-ins with the law or who is facing serious felony charges, Mr. Wetter will do everything he can to avoid a purely punitive incarceration that ignores the juvenile system's mission to rehabilitate.

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