Cape Coral Domestic Battery Attorney

If you are accused of domestic violence battery, the criminal charges and the no-contact order can wreak havoc in your life, in the short term and for the future. Although the situation with a spouse or partner may blow over, these charges must be taken seriously.

Fort Myers criminal defense attorney Steven H. Wetter has handled hundreds of domestic violence cases from both sides of the law. He can defend you on the battery charge and make sure that the protective order is not overly restrictive or used as a weapon in divorce or custody matters.

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Experienced Representation for Domestic Violence Battery

Steven Wetter formerly prosecuted domestic battery cases as an assistant state attorney in Tampa and has practiced in criminal defense in Lee County for 10 years. He has handled every scenario, from misdemeanor battery cases to felony charges for use of a weapon or serious bodily harm.

He knows that the vast majority of cases are alcohol-related. Commonly, the alleged abuser and the victim have been drinking too much, and an argument escalates into a shouting match and physical confrontation. Soon the police are hauling the man off to jail, without regard for the other side of the story. The next day, everyone has calmed down, but by then the criminal justice system is involved.

  • After a night in jail, the judge will set bail and issue a no-contact order, which prevents reconciling with the victim or seeing your children.
  • If the victim suffered any lasting injury, the judge must impose five days in jail. Other consequences of conviction include probation, anger management counseling, fines and court costs, and loss of the right to possess firearms.
  • If the victim is not seriously injured or does not want to press charges, the prosecutor or the judge may dismiss the charges. If the case goes forward, it may be necessary to fight the charges at trial or negotiate a plea to a lesser offense such as disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace.

Our role is to make sure the court hears your side of the story and any mitigating circumstances, such as the victim's intoxication, jealous or vengeful accusations, self-defense or mutual battery. Our lawyer will do everything possible to avoid jail and a felony conviction, or even to keep a misdemeanor battery charge off your record.

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