Steven Wetter, Attorney at Law, P.A.

DUI Defense and Criminal Defense in Lee County, Florida

We understand that being arrested and accused of a crime is frightening, stressful and embarrassing. We realize that you have a lot at stake, whether it is jail or prison time, loss of your driver's license or simply the harm to your reputation and the black mark of a criminal conviction. We know that the accused often feel hopeless and powerless about their situation.

At the law firm of Steven Wetter, Attorney at Law, P.A., we take all of this into account when you come to us for help. We are not here to simply plead you guilty when there may be valid defenses and opportunities to downgrade the charges or keep the offense off your record entirely. We are confident we can position you for a better outcome.

A Former Prosecutor in Your Corner

Steven H. Wetter has practiced in criminal defense since 2000, serving the accused in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda and surrounding communities of Lee, Charlotte and Collier counties. His successful practice — as measured by not-guilty verdicts, dismissals, suppressed evidence and other notable results in a wide range of cases — is built on the foundation of his prior career as a county prosecutor. During six years as an assistant state attorney in Tampa, he handled thousands of cases and nearly 100 jury trials, from drunk driving and misdemeanor crimes to drug trafficking and other serious felonies.

In addition to honing his courtroom skills and learning police procedure up close, Mr. Wetter's prosecutor background enables him to spot the weaknesses in the case against his clients. He knows that the prosecution's airtight, slam-dunk case is often a house of cards; the more complex the case, the more opportunities to bring it crashing down.

Any Charges. Any Person. Any Circumstances.

Steven Wetter, Attorney at Law, P.A., handles any criminal charges, misdemeanor or felony, including juvenile offenses. Our lawyer has extensive experience in all scenarios of DUI defense and serious drug crimes, but his experience covers the entire spectrum from traffic offenses to murder.

Our Fort Myers criminal attorney offers a free, confidential consultation, and we have a Spanish speaker on staff. You can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 239-476-9531 or by e-mail. Mr. Wetter will personally contact you and meet with you to discuss the charges, your rights and where to go from there.